What’s Wrong with the Horse/What is Wrong with the Rider

(Ron Wilson) Perhaps we’ve seen horses with problems through the years but I’ve come to find from my experience that often times the problem isn’t the horse, it’s the rider. This poem is entitled the Problem Horse or the Horse’s Problem. Here’s part one: “What’s wrong with this horse?” the young rider asked, as he struggled with the job for which he was tasked. She balks at the trailer, won’t stand at the gates, and she doesn’t move right when I want to change gait. She’s skittish as heck and she spooks at my rope. I’m beginning to think this darn mare is a dope. I’m trying to get the work done that I need but I can’t make her start upon the right lead. Disgust and frustration fueled the cowboy’s discourse as they ask the question, “What’s wrong with this horse?” Here’s part two: “What’s wrong with this rider?” the mare must have thought as he went through the struggles the morning had brought. Does he want me to gallop or just go and lope? Does he know that he cracked me upside with his rope? Do we stop at the gate or go on down the fence? What the heck does he want? His cues make no sense. Is he squeezing his knees because he wants to go fast or is this any different than it was in the past? The mixed signals she got cause frustration inside her, and the mare had to wonder, “What’s wrong with this rider?” Happy Trails.