Yellow Brick Road

(Ron) When I travel far outside of Kansas and I tell people I’m from the state of Kansas I get one of three reactions. Number one, they say Oh, Kansas City? Number two, they say Oh I drove THROUGH there one time. Or number three, they’ll make a Wizard of Oz joke. And I think Kansans sometimes get tired of hearing about the Wizard of Oz, but maybe its the thing we’re known for best. This poem is entitled “The Yellow Brick Road.” In the history of Hollywood one show which gives me pause is the infamous movie known as “The Wizard of Oz.” It’s about Dorothy from Kansas and how the tornado made her go off to the Land of Oz somewhere over the rainbow. She met some little munchkins and traversed the yellow bricks to a wizard and wicked witch who do a lot of tricks. Dorothy had this adventure with her little dog Toto and joined the Cowardly Lion, Tinman and of course the Scarecrow. This classic movie that’s become known worldwide about this Kansas girl who took this wondrous ride. But I think many Kansans think this story’s not so great because Dorothy is all some people know about our state. So we’ve learned that smiling patiently is the best thing we can do when some East Coaster cracks a joke about Dorothy and Toto too. But we also remind them that wherever Dorothy would roam, her entire goal was to get to Kansas because There’s No Place Like Home! Happy Trails.